Competition Finalist

This tkts booth proposal challenges the issue of waiting in line by providing the opportunity for ticket buyers to receive a placement ticket number from one of ten dispensers placed on the site.  Patrons of tkts are notified of their position in line, not by queuing, but rather by viewing their number on the two zippers located on the structure.  Numbers move sequentially down to the building on the upper zipper, which rises to the height of 29 ft during open hours.  When the ticket holder’s number moves to the lower zipper, a corresponding porthole is illuminated to show that his/her turn has come.  This system allows patrons to move through Times Square during their wait “in line” and eliminates the need to form queues on this small and heavily trafficked island. 

The booth itself faces south and forms the northern edge of a plaza.  It is constructed of corrugated and polished steel sheet.  Extruded metal window frames are held together with rivets.  The building is both industrial and whimsical.  An illuminated digital screen, which displays shows, times, and prices forms the south edge of the plaza.  An enlarged subway grate is positioned two risers above grade and lighted from below.  Its purpose is to provide a platform for entertainment and seating.

The existing Statues of Father Duffy and George M. Cohan are repositioned.  Father Duffy is moved to a more prominent location at the southern tip of the island.  He is given a raised platform with new plantings.  His figure is now enjoyed without interfering with the commerce of ticket procurement.  George M. Cohan is moved to the northwest corner of the site where he will also have a position of prominence at the busy intersection of Broadway and 47th Streets.
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